Firework Tents For Sale & Rent – Flame Resistant Tent Manufacturer

Do you run a business that specializes in selling fireworks? One way to drum up more business is to set up a fireworks tent to sell your products. Big T Tent Rental & Sales has firework tents for sale and rent that will help push your business forward. We can rent our tents directly to those companies selling fireworks. We can also sell firework tents to tent rental companies that don’t manufacture their own. Either way, all of our firework tents come with a flame resistant certificate that can be used when tents are inspected by fire marshals.

New or Used Firework Tent For Sale

If you want to sell fireworks and make sure you keep yourself and your customers safe when you do it, you should invest in a new or used firework tent for sale from Big T Tent Rental & Sales. We can supply firework tents to companies that run firework businesses or sell them to tent rental companies that want to equip themselves with flame resistant tents that they can rent to businesses. We can also customize firework tents to make them look the way you want.

Our Custom Firework Tents & Rentals Include

  • Your own color scheme
  • Wide variety of color options
  • Tent Sidewalls
  • Logo Printing for
  • Branding
  • Flame Resistant Certificate

Tent Rentals for Your Firework Displays

Those looking to hold firework displays don’t always need to purchase a new or used tent to keep. You might benefit more from tent rentals for your fireworks displays. Big T Tent Rental & Sales has plenty of options for those looking to rent firework display tents in the Kansas City, MO metro area. Our firework tents come with a flame resistant certificate to ensure they’re safe.

In addition to renting a tent for a firework display, you might also want to rent several other accessories such as tables and lighting to go underneath of it. Big T Tent Rental & Sales can set you up with tables, lighting, and more to complete your experience. Many of our customers find that these accessories make firework tents even more convenient.

Tent Examples for Venue Type