Farmer’s Market Tents & Flea Market Canopies Manufacturer

Farmer’s markets and flea markets can’t simply close up shop at the first sign of bad weather. So those who run them often have tents put up to protect vendors as well as those who shop at these markets. Big T Tent Rental & Sales can supply your business with farmer’s market tents and show you why we’ve become the leading flea market canopies manufacturer in the Kansas City, MO metro area. Our tents will provide all the coverage you need and allow your business to run normally no matter what the weather is like.

Rent or Buy Market Tents for Big T Tent Rental & Sales

Tents for Sale

If you have a farmer’s market or flea market that stays in the same place all the time, you should consider purchasing one of the tents for sale through Big T Tent Rental & Sales. We can set you up with any size tent you want. We can also do custom designs on tents to promote your market and let people know what it’s all about. You can put whatever you want on our tents for sale and customize them to your liking.

Rental Tents

If you don’t necessarily need to purchase a tent for your market, Big T Rental & Sales can also provide you with rental tents. These will come in handy for those who will only be setting up a tent for a short time or for those who are planning a special event at their market. We have been renting tents for more than 20 years and have an inventory that consists of about 100 tents.

Tent Examples for Venue Type