Pole Tents For Weddings, Festivals, Parties & Other Events

When you buy or rent a tent from Big T Rental & Sales, you’ll have the chance to pick out whichever type of tent you want. One of the most popular types of tents are pole tents. The pole tents available through Big T Tent Rental & Sales are ideal for those who plan to put their tent up in a grassy area. The stakes that are used to erect pole tents can be driven directly into the ground to provide the tent with the support it needs. There is also one pole in the center of a pole tent that serves as the main support for it, and that pole can be decorated with flowers, vines, and more to make it part of the festivities at a wedding, party, or other event.

The downside of using a pole tent over the other types of tents is that it can’t be put up over concrete or other hard surfaces. But most people really love the way that pole tents look when they’re placed over grass. Pole tents are filled with graceful curves that make them look very elegant, and you won’t be able to see any metal pipes from the tent when you’re inside or outside of it. Big T Tent Rental & Sales finds that many people enjoy using these types of tents and are happy with the way they hold up during events.

Tent Type Examples

Large Party & Wedding Tent with Window Sidewalls