30×60 Fireworks (Patriotic) Tent

Condition: Used
Tent Size: 30x60
Tent Material: Vinyl
Comfortable Square Footage: 1800 sq.ft.
# of Guests (Tables & Chairs): 150 Guests
# of Guests (Row Seating): 180 Guests

Additional Information:

The 30×60 is available in Used Pole or Frame style for sale.

If there was ever a tent made for spring and summer holidays, this is the one. Rather you’re hosting a big 4th of July or Memorial Day bash and want to be festive, or you’ve opened up your own fireworks stand and want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, this is the tent for you.

Big T Rental & Sales offers firework tents for sale and rent, including this beautiful, patriotic selection. This tent is 30FT x 60FT. As a reputable flame-resistant tent manufacturer in Missouri, you can feel rest assured when you buy or rent a tent from us that you’re getting one of the highest quality, and you’re purchasing one that will add a touch of ambience and panache to your next event.

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