Roughly, 10-12 sq. ft. per person is comfortable. Additional space for tables, stage area, dance floor and aisles should be included. See the following charts for more details. An example using the above would be an event where 80 people are expected and a 10’ X 20’stage in the front will be used for entertainment. The 1000 sq ft. space could be met with a 30×30 or a 20×60 pole tent.

Guests in Row seating or StandupGuests at Tables & Chairs DiningComfortable Square FootageTent Size
100-13590-115900-100030x30 or 30x40
135-215115-160150040x40 or 30x50
215-265160-2452100-240030x70 or 40x60
265-400245-3402700-320030x90 or 40x80
400-500340-4203600-400040x100 or 60x60
500-650420-500480040x120 or 60x80