Why Tent Size Matters

When you put up a tent at your next event, the last thing you want is for your guests to have to cram tightly together once they step inside of it. There should be more than enough room for people to walk around inside of the tent without bumping into one another. You should also have space for all the various tables, chairs, and stages you’ll have under your tent. It’ll ensure people have a great time during your event.

It’s why you should call on Big T Tent Rental & Sales to be your custom event, party, and wedding tent manufacturer. We can tell you more about why choosing the right tent size matters and help you find the tent that will meet your needs. We can even customize a tent for you if you’d like!

How To Choose The Proper Tent Size For Your Wedding, Party or Event

Choosing the right tent size for your specific event can be challenging. In general, you should allow for approximately 10 to 12 square feet for every person who will be in attendance. You should also provide extra space for tables and chairs, your stage area, your dance floor, and aisles in between everything. 

For example, if you’re hosting an event for 80 people and you’re planning on having a 10’ x 20’ stage under your tent that will be used for entertaining your guests, you’ll need a tent that covers about 1,000 square feet. As such, it would be wise to go with a 30 x 30 or 20 x 60 pole tent to make sure you have more than enough room.

Guests in Row seating or StandupGuests at Tables & Chairs DiningComfortable Square FootageTent Size
100-13590-115900-100030x30 or 30x40
135-215115-160150040x40 or 30x50
215-265160-2452100-240030x70 or 40x60
265-400245-3402700-320030x90 or 40x80
400-500340-4203600-400040x100 or 60x60
500-650420-500480040x120 or 60x80

If you’re not sure what tent size would work for your wedding, party, or event, Big T Tent Rental & Sales has you covered, both figuratively and literally. We can show you different tent sizes and allow you to pick out the one that would be most beneficial for you.

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