Carnival Booth Tents & Canopies for Sale or Rent

Who doesn’t love stopping by all the booths set up at a carnival? With some assistance from Big T Tent Rental & Sales, you can create your own booth tent for the next carnival in your town. Big T Tent Rental & Sales can offer you carnival booth tents and canopies for sale or rent and help you get your hands on the best tent for your situation.

Carnival Beer Tent Rentals

We often get requests for large tent rentals to be used at a carnival for their beer tent. From small beer tents that can fit a few people at a time to much larger ones that will accommodate big events, we have the beer tents you’ll need to help your next event go off without a hitch. You can even add accessories to your tent like walls to make it more comfortable for those who stop by to taste your beer or to get out of the sun and cool down with a fresh cold one. See some of our tent options below or call today to get more information.

Tent Examples for Venue Type

Why Choose Big T Tents for Your Carnival Booth Tents & Beer Tents

The thing that sets Big T Rental & Sales’ carnival tents and canopies apart from the rest is that they come in a variety of color schemes, shapes, and sizes. Whether you want a tent that will invite people in by providing them with shade or a tent that has sidewalls on it, you can customize your tent any way you want. It’ll look great once you have it set up at the carnival and attract a lot of attention from those who walk by it.