SizePrice per Square Foot
20 Wides$2.05
30 Wides$1.95
40 Wides$1.75
50 Wides$1.75
60 Wides$1.70
Wooden Center Poles$45 Each
Metal Center PolesCall
Steel Side Poles$20 Each
2" Ratchets Sets (includes straps)$16 Each
Stakes$7 Each

The number of Center poles, Side poles and stakes are dependent upon size. Contact us if you need exact numbers. Frames are dependent upon specific size and price of aluminum. Contact us at for current prices. Give the size of the tent, height of the legs and Time frame for delivery. Some of the smaller frames 10×10, 15×20, etc. can use plastic piping under certain uses. Note if these sizes are of interest and if plastic piping would be of interest.


A Grade used tops include the side poles and stakes, sidewalls sold as an optional addition. These tops would only be 2-3 years old and show minimal wear, no stains or patches. Tops more used would be priced according to the wear, stain and patching. Our inventory changes regularly, and used tents are often available throughout the year. Contact us for specific size and level of use and availability.


The new and good used tents would come with a 1 year warranty for material and workmanship. Delivery is available in Kansas City, MO, and may be arranged outside of the city/state depending upon the size of the tent and the location. With delivery arranged, initial installation is optional for a fee. If you need a specific custom made tent, please call for pricing and timing. We do have the ability to have printed your own name or logo. If you desire certain segment sizes, let us know your needs. No extra charge for joints. We manufacture quality tents with critically placed reinforcement, all heat welded seams, minimum perforations (only around center & side Poles), excellent quality 16 oz. U.S. made vinyl and with all ropes ready for installation sewed on. Flame resistant certificates will be applied to each tent or segment of tent. One unique aspect of our tents is you do get the actual length or more when you order a tent that is segmented. Our process will actually give you 3+ inches at each seam rather than deduct 3-6 inches at each seam. On a 4 or 5 segmented tent, the difference is significant.


If you have an upcoming outdoor event and want to make sure your guests are comfortable regardless of weather conditions, rent a tent today. Big T Tents has many event tents to rent and also event tents for sale. Tents can also add to the elegance and appeal of any event. We carry a large selection of tents according to purpose and amount of people.

Our tents are made from strong vinyl. We have both new tents and used tents for sale. We can arrive on site up to two days before the event for set up as long as request is made in advance. We have tents available for small events to accommodate people, tables and chairs. For bigger events such as weddings where a bar, stage and dance floor are needed, we have the tent for you.

Some of the types of tents we carry are pole tents and frame tents. We do ask that you check with local authorities to make sure all guidelines are being followed for tent set up and location. Tents are flame resistant, but we do not encourage you to burn anything under canopies as those are not flame resistant.

You can view our price list for rental and purchase tents according to type of tent and size right on the website. For your next event, whether wedding, corporate gathering, trade show, or any other venue, make sure you have a reliable tent set up today. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and this is why we carry the best tents on the market.