Top Reasons to Rent a Tent For Your Holiday Celebrations

Our tent with sidewalls

Many people choose to get together and see family during the holidays. However, recent years have proven difficult to do so! As things start to regain a sense of normalcy, many opt to do larger family gatherings for holidays again.

Rather than crowd in a house, many families have been opting to rent a tent for their holiday celebrations! Below are a few reasons why more families choose to rent a tent!

More Space

Of course, a main benefit is more space. This allows people to sit comfortably (not elbow to elbow, or some on the couch using TV trays while others are at the table) and enjoy their time!

By renting or purchasing a tent, you not only ensure that there is ample space, but you also maximize comfort.

Plus, many tents have the options for add-ons such as: lights, dancefloors, and even sidewalls to keep in heat! This ensures your celebrations can go on for as long as you’d like!

Easier Clean Up

Of course, many holidays, such as Thanksgiving, are predicated upon everyone passing around dishes to share; but have you considered a buffet style?

Having a buffet-style Thanksgiving, or any holiday, allows people to eat what they want when they want. People can pile up their plates and happily sit down to eat with their loved ones! By having your celebration outside, you allow yourself more room to add things such as a buffet table, or station for people to consolidate their dirty dishes.

After everyone has had their share, a quick trip to the kitchen is all it takes to clean up!

Our reviews speak for themselves, and we would love to help you rent a tent for your next holiday celebration or event! At Big T Tent Rental, we keep an eye on the details. We will confirm our date and time range and double-check we have everything you need. We give you a 2-hour window for our crew to come and set up. We can field any questions you may have, and if you prefer texting rather than calling, we can do that, too!

We also handle each piece of setting up, so all you need to do is sign off that you are satisfied with the tent set up! Give us a call at 816-861-4999 to get started on your rental today!

Due to demand, any tent reservations for Thanksgiving should be made before October 31st.

While we set up, rain or shine, if there is an electrical storm, we will have to wait until it has finished, and we will always inform you of any delays.