How to Light your Rental Tent

Tent lit up with lights

Lighting is a vital part of your tent, especially for those events that go late into the night! While it is practical, it also can be used to amp up your space and transform it into something magical! If it’s your first time renting a tent, or you just need some inspiration, we’ve got our top tips for you, below!

Safety first

As always, safety always comes first. Double check any extension cords you may be using, and make sure lights are properly secured- we recommend using zip ties, which can easily be removed before returning your tent! Make sure you don’t tie anything to, or move any, ropes or straps on the tent!

Check out Add-Ons

Many tent rental companies offer lighting add ons. At Big T Rental, we offer draped and perimeter lights installed inside the tents. The Draped lights swag from the inside edges and corners to the center for a dramatic effect, whereas perimeter lights are installed along the inside edge of the tent for a nice glow. They can also be paired to create a truly magical atmosphere inside the tent!

Make Lights the Centerpiece

You’ll want to avoid candles in your tent. However, you can get LED candles- which are a versatile, long-lasting, stand in. You can also tap into your creative side and create a centerpiece! Another option is to get luminarias- which are paper lanterns. Many of these now come as LED, as well, which cuts down on cords and wires in the way! You can zip tie hanging lanterns up as well, just make sure to be careful on the ladder!

At Big T Tent Rental, we truly have everything you need to entirely customize your tent. From different lighting options, all the way to customizing the shape and color of your tent, we make sure you love what you picked out! Give us a call at 816-861-4999 to get started on your rental today!