Large White Virus Testing Tents

Condition: New
Tent Size: 20 x 40
Tent Material: Vinyl
Comfortable Square Footage: 750 sq.ft.
# of Guests (Tables & Chairs): 80 Guests
# of Guests (Row Seating): 90 Guests

Additional Information:

To keep a COVID-19 testing site safe and organized, you should strongly consider investing in one of the medical testing tents for rent or medical testing tents for sale through Big T Tent Rental & Sales. This virus testing tent rental without windows is an excellent option. It’s a 20’ x 40’ COVID testing site tent rental with standard 7’ poles that are positioned 10’ apart. It can be weighted down on any surface that you would like, and it comes with optional sides without windows should you want to make your area more private. It’s available in either solid white or striped varieties. Contact Big T Tent Rental & Sales at 816-861-4999 to learn more about our COVID testing site tent sales and rentals.

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