Choosing the Perfect Tent for Your Family Reunion

If you’re charged with planning a larger family reunion this summer and are wondering how you’ll pull off such an event, consider renting a tent to accommodate all your family members.  

There are many different tent types and sizes available, so it’s important that you get a good idea of the number of guests who will be attending, the dimensions of your space, the activities you’ll be partaking in during the reunion and more.

When you make a detailed plan, you’ll have a good idea of the tent that will work best for you. If you’re unsure of which tent to choose once you’ve done your research, you can always reach out to an experienced tent rental company for further guidance.

Outdoor Tent

Get an accurate guest count

In order to know which tent size to choose for your family reunion, it’s essential to get an accurate head count of who will be coming. Whether you send out invitations through the mail or create a group event on a social media platform, getting a head count a few months in advanced will allow you to pick a tent that accommodates everyone. Most tent rental companies have tents that can accommodate smaller groups of 25-50 people or larger groups that go into the 100s.

Know the dimensions of your venue

Another important aspect of choosing the right tent is knowing the dimensions of your venue. If you are having the event at your house, you should have a good idea of the square footage of your property. If you are having it at a public park or other property, you should contact the landowner to know the dimensions you’ll be working with. There’s nothing worse than renting a beautiful tent that is too big for the property.

It is also suggested to walk the grounds to see if there is any sloping or hills that may affect tent setup.

Make sure it’s practical

When planning a tent rental for your family reunion you should make sure you’ll be able to house everyone, and everything, underneath it. You’ll not only need to make sure that you can fit all chairs and tables underneath it, but you should also account for any food areas, bars, dance floors and other items that you will be having at your party.

It will be great if everyone fits into your tent in the event of inclement weather, but if there isn’t room for food or celebrating, the overall success of your event will suffer.

When you’re planning a family reunion, or any other event that requires a tent in Kansas City, MO, we ask that you think of us at Big T Tent Rental & Sales. We have years of experience providing tents for parties and other events in our community and ask that you call us today at 816-861-4999 to discuss your needs in further detail.