Big T Tent Rentals and Sales COVID-19 Updates

As many know, as of March 24th, Kansas City has been under a quarantine order. Although we’ve had to place a hold on most of our services, the employees of Big T Tents have been working hard to continue to serve our community.

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How Big T Tents is Working with The Community

During this time, our staff has been working hard setting up drive-through tenting and triage tents for the COVID-19 testing that is taking place near our medical facilities. One of our biggest priorities at the moment is to make sure that all of the tents we’ve provided have the proper clearance for cars, as well as ensure maximum safety for all medical employees.

As a team, we will continue to provide base flooring to help protect workers’ feet in all weather conditions, and we’ll install cabled dividers within the tents to help separate triage stations. We work hard to set up these tents quickly and competently for immediate use. Currently, we are continuing to focus on medical tenting services to the greater Kansas City, Topeka/Lawrence, and St. Joseph areas only. The reason why we limit our services, is so we can provide fast support in the case of inclement weather.

We are glad that our services could be of assistance during these trying times. It brings our team an immense amount of joy supporting our community however needed.

Our Current Tent Cancellation Policy

Right now, we are offering a half return of deposits for any necessary cancellations. Typically, if we receive a cancellation inside of two weeks before the event, the deposit would be entirely forfeited by the customer for cancellation. With our current offer, we hope to resume services in the upcoming months, with a lot of events expected to be rescheduled rather than canceled altogether.

Currently, we are offering the alternative of a hold on a deposit to apply towards a new date. Deferring the deposit allows us to keep a reservation in place and have it ready for when the new date is set. We are already starting to accept rescheduled dates.

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We appreciate all of your services, and we’ll continue to work with you during these difficult times. We want to continue to remain flexible and transparent as possible as we continue to receive updates from around the world. Thank you for continuing to support our business.

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact Big T Tent Rental Services at 816-861-4999.